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August 31 2017

Martin Freeman’s Ghost Stories is coming to London Film Festival


The lineup for the 2017 BFI London Film Festival (October 4-15) has been revealed, and the event is fast coming up. The 12-day festival will show over 240 movies from all over the globe. One of those movies is Martin’s Ghost Stories which was filmed last year.

Andy Nyman and former ‘League of Gentlemen’ creator Jeremy Dyson first devised ‘Ghost Stories’, a collection of creepy tales, for the stage. Now they’ve brought it to the big screen, with Nyman playing Phillip Goodman, a professional sceptic who’s trying to poo-poo ideas that the supernatural even exists. We hear that the result is pretty chilling, so we reckon that Phillip might just be proved wrong. This plays in the weird-and-wonderful Cult section of the LFF.

How to see it?

‘Ghost Stories’ screens at the LFF on Thursday October 5, Friday October 6 and Saturday October 14.

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August 29 2017


martin could say the bee movie script with a look

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Martin Freeman with Fan (x)

August 25 2017

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No.3 Martin Freeman Photo shoot  by Andy Gotts (No.1) (No.2) (x)

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No.2 Martin Freeman Photo shoot  by Andy Gotts (No.1) (No.3) (x)

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No.1 Martin Freeman Photo shoot  by Andy Gotts (No.2) (No.3) (x)

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Phil Rask (01.05)
By: thejennire 
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this has probably been done like 25 hours ago, which is ancient in Memeworld, but

August 24 2017

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My face when someone asks ME this

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"I am in hell!”   [Requested by muerame]
By: thejennire 
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God, yes!

August 23 2017

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Remember when they literally forgot about their very first episode. 👀👀👀

August 22 2017

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Lazy Sunday mornings at 177A Bleecker Street

fan art by Johix

August 18 2017

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Martin Freeman at The Jam - In Echoed Steps - Book Launch (x)(x)

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Martin at The Jam in Echoed Steps Book Launch (x)

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Martin Freeman with fan at The Jam In Echoed Steps a Vision Of Albion official book launch. (x)

August 17 2017

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